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Ignite Your Sales! Get immediate results when Ignite's Google AdWords Certified Specialists manage your AdWords!

We Help Businesses Get More Sales And Customers From AdWords

Results driven Adwords specialists.

An AdWords Management Strategy tailored to your business.

No lock in monthly contracts, after the setup and first month you can pause or stop anytime.

Detailed reporting using Analytics, AdWords and industry leading software.

Full ownership! You own the AdWords account, we set up and run the AdWords account, but you own YOUR data.

Account managed by AdWords and Analytics qualified specialists.

Google AdWords certified
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Contact us today and one of our Google AdWords qualified specialists will guide you through the process to get started with Adwords.

We also audit existing AdWords campaigns to see if your getting the most you can from AdWords.

How much does Google AdWords cost?

Click Spend

Google AdWords are charged each time someone clicks your ad, or for display ads it can be per one thousand impressions (CPM).

These click spend charges are paid directly by you to Google by either credit card or PayPal.

Google Adwords PPC

Setup and Management Fees

Setup fees and managemnet fees are paid to Ignite Digital Solutions, these cover the setup costs of the account and campaigns, and then the ongoing changes and maintenance required to constantly improve your conversions, or your cost of acquiring each sale or customer.

Setup - AdWords account set up, keyword selection, ad copy, conversion tracking and remarketing.

Cost - from $199 depending on the size of your campaign

Management Fees - Changes and maintenance to your account.

Cost - from $249 per month depending on the size of your campaign

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Why should your business use Google AdWords?

Google AdWords and other PPC products are quick to set up and you get immediate results, there's no waiting to rank like SEO. Once an AdWords campaign is set up you can often have sales and new customers within hours. 

As well as that with AdWords you can;

  • Set your own spend level.
  • Target specific customer audience groups, locations, time of day.
  • Highly cutomisable in being able to show different ads to different audience groups.
  • Your ad can appear above the organic results and include contact and location information.
  • Measurable ROI.
  • You only pay for results!
Google AdWords management for Melbourne businesses

Accelerate your business with Google AdWords

We understand the needs of small and medium sized businesses and the importance of getting new customers and sales online.

Our Google AdWords and pay per click campaigns are targeted to achieve your business goals, and return a positive return on investment (ROI).

Each account and campaign is setup by a Google AdWords certified and Google Analytics IQ certified specialist.

Ignite Digital can tailor a campaign to suit your budget, the level of click spend is entirely up to you.

Mobile optimized - target customers searching by mobile device near your business, add contact, location and special deals information to your ads.

Complete transparency, you have ownership and access to the AdWords account to view spend, click and conversion data.

Remarket your business to customers who have previously visited your website.

Take advantage of the $100 free Google AdWords voucher.

To arrange an initial no cost discussion please complete the contact form or call on the number below.

Want to learn more about Google AdWords?

Take a look at this video from Google explaining how AdWords works.

Google AdWords FAQ's